Sunday, 19 August 2012

G940 Flight System : Throttle R1, R2 spikes ,fix

Finally found the problem with the R1 and R2 on G940 Throttle.  BROKEN WIRES inside the throttle controller

Arrows shows where were those screws located
Because of 3 screws in the throttle unit, cable from the main board to buttons and pots don't get a freedom to move as it wants. When the throttles are at their full, cable stretch pretty badly. In my case there were 3 wires. One for sig and others were + and - to pots.

Broken 3 wires Just soldered them together and removed all those screws which hold the cable
(1 near the main board and 2inside the right throttle stick). 

Now I have R1 R2 back in place :D 

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